Shaping the NW 2017

Warm Current’s annual Shaping the Northwest fundraising event. The event will feature locally shaped surfboards from the northwest’s finest shapers, music, a silent auction &… Read on


Shaping the Northwest 2016

Warm Current’s 4th annual Shaping the Northwest fundraising event features locally shaped surfboards from the northwest’s finest shapers, music, art, raffle, food cart and plenty… Read on


Navy Wave Charts

The NAVY Wave models have made a change, and broke the feed for Height and Period maps. We’re going to be switching the feed to… Read on


Wetsuit Winter Wash

Mid-winter, post-weekend surf trip and your wetsuit smells like vomit? Try a standard wetsuit bath of a teaspoon of lite non-detergent soap (woolite) and cup… Read on


Kelly’s Wave Pool

Wave pools just got a whole lot cooler.


Westport Clean Water Classic

September 25-27, 2015 
The 14th annual Clean Water Classic is scheduled for September 25-27, 2015, in Westport, WA. This is the longest running Pro/Am surf… Read on


Cape Kiwanda Longboard Classic

Heads up if you’re headed to Pacific City – or want to pull out the LB. CAPE KIWANDA LONGBOARD CLASSIC What: 150 participants competing in… Read on


Swell Map New Model

UPDATE: The WW3 wave model charts are back up, and the NAVY is running the swell height and period graphical models again. The charts were… Read on


A Couple Films #surfvid

A lot of shorter videos take the approach of a feature film – we’re going to start elevating those to the #surfvid feature. Go full… Read on