Supported by surfers, waveriders and mariners of Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia. If you have northwest surfing related news or imagery, feel free to pass it our way: [email protected]. Thanks to everyone who has submitted work in the past!


Looking for photos that reflect the classic Northwest coastal experience. Aspiring photographers, we’d be stoked to share your creative work. Include image credit if you desire, or label ‘Anonymous’. No shots of ‘secret spots’ will be published. Any submitted photos are subject to our photo policy.


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This site has evolved out of our own hunt for regional up-to-date surfing information: straight from the sources and without the unnecessary fluff. The “rating system” surf reports don’t do the job, so Surfwater was born. With experience surfing the Northwest from Oregon to Vancouver Island, we understand that, on any given day, the truly great waves only last a few hours. An oversimplified surf report is not going to get you where you need to be when you need to be there.

Understanding the variety of elements that contribute to surf conditions is integral to the experience of Northwest surfing. We have formed a detailed Surf Report with realtime data from buoys, weather stations and forecasting tools; so you can find the conditions that best suit you.

Surfwater is a homegrown waverider’s resource. We hope that Surfwater can help make your next surf trip a rewarding one.

Rock on.

You can email us at: [email protected].

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